«Psyché» is a work stemming out of an organical evidence, almost mechanical, one could say. It is a visual answer to the question of the singularity of one’s view, a fundamental matter in all of my artistic reflexions. While working on Psyché, I was animated by a form of trust in the ambiguity of the visual language, able to clearly express, without a discourse or even a single word, how different are the feelings an image of reality can cause in every single individual. The mirror, real protagonist of this visual and sonorous project, becomes the metaphorical and symbolic object of this reasoning.

In this particular work the languages of visual and of sound hide two notions that we use to oppose to each other: abstraction and concreteness. «Psyché» is also, in some way, inspired by chinese brain teasers (in its spatial assembly with several plans and in its temporality). It is an enigma that has no solution apart from the one the viewer would like to find in it. (if the work resonates with them that’s already something, even if unforeseeable beforehand, as the work is to the artist like a child is to their parent, at some point it acquires independence in its relations with the exterior world, that cannot anymore be controlled by the creator).

Liaisons intempestives

Topographie d’une journée

Ligne sensible

Lutte intime